Centrum Nauki o Laktacji im. ANNY OSLISLO

The 11th Center for Lactation Science Congress and Conference “Breastfeeding – since it’s natural, why is it sometimes difficult” were held in Sangate Airport Hotel in Warsaw, 8-9 June 2018. They gathered 380 participants, including many esteemed guests. They were greeted by Warsaw Medical University students to whom we send our gratitude.

The first session was concerned with lactational care in Poland. The guests discussed the issue after hearing about the results of two researches. Professor Juan Miguel Rodriguez who explained the importance of microbiota in human milk for mothers and children’s health and the symptoms of its dysfunction (dysbiosis), was a special guest of this session.

80 new certificates were granted.

Nutropharma company introduced a “Stop playing hide and seek” campaign that promotes free breastfeeding in public spaces.

LennyLamb company showed the significance of babywearing. Also, the BF promotors held a workshop about this matter.

In the second session, the participants were part of a lecture about using women’s milk for different purposes and healing mothers with depression – most importantly with continuing breastfeeding!

During the third session, the participants discovered a research about enshrouding and other risky practices common in hospitals. They found out what matters the most when choosing a breast pump, for the quality pumping and of course – for mothers.

The workshop day was the most popular part of the congress. We heard many suggesting more workshops next year!


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