Centrum Nauki o Laktacji im. ANNY OSLISLO

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Breastfeeding promoter

23h course for people who do not work in medical professions and want to become the breastfeeding promoters, expand their knowledge about natural breastfeeding, promote breastfeeding in their local community, help breastfeeding mothers by forming support groups (support groups leaders) or by creating websites and online forums, for those who have ideas for marketing campaigns for making a system of mutual care. The course is concerned with the lactation physiology, the process of breastfeeding and the history of natural breastfeeding marketing in Poland and international, the methods of promoting breastfeeding and various types of help directed towards breastfeeding mothers. Additionally, we offer 5h of practice in a hospital or lactation clinic and 3h of practice in nonprofit organizations promoting breastfeeding. The practice will show how the lactation consultants work. The breastfeeding promoter should work along with them.

The course is NOT preparing for providing lactation consultation. The lactation consultation is a medical appointment requiring a broad medical knowledge which is acquired during university studies for midwives, nurses and doctors and specialized courses such as Problems During Lactation or Lactation Educator courses.

The Breastfeeding promoter does not qualify to provide lactation consultation!

The theory part consists of:

The practical part: