Centrum Nauki o Laktacji im. ANNY OSLISLO

All courses are being held in Polish only!

Problems during lactation course

120h training course for midwives and nurses who after the course will be able to provide III level lactation counseling and get Certified Lactation Consultant (CDL – pl) or International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC).

It consists of interdisciplinary classes from various types of medicine. Lectures are held by experts from different fields, with complementary approach to the subject.

The course includes lectures and workshops (63h), practical classes (20h) and self-work (37h).

During the classes we teach about the physiology of lactation, the rules applied to the breastfeeding process and both mother and child’s nutrition, the breasts’ diseases and other conditions with an impact on the course of breastfeeding. We are also concerned with recognizing physical and psychological causes of lactation dysfunctions. We pay attention to detailed training for therapeutic proceedings in various critical situations. The other important subject is maintaining the lactation when taking medications or during temporary contraindications.

Those subjects exceed the usual undergraduate and post-graduate university studies on nursing, pediatrics, neonatology, gynecology, obstetrics, family medicine, public health, health promoting and health education.

Workshops with a psychologist: the participants learn the rules of proper communication, active listening techniques and above all acquire the skill of effective communication which is crucial for lactation consultation.

Workshop with a physical therapist: the participants learn the proper approach to the infants.

Workshop with a neurologopedist: the participants learn the physiology and pathologic condition of suction.

During the practical part in lactation clinics or maternity units the participants acquire the practical skill essential for work with a breastfeeding mother. They learn to counsel according to the operative standard, to keep records of their work and how to function in a team. Everyone with such high level of education will be prepared to work in lactation clinics, provide care during breastfeeding, develop procedures and educate the staff in their place of work (I, II, III referential level). People who apply for our course should have a previous experience working with breastfeeding mothers.

Lactation educator

Specialized course – education and support for the women during lactation

45h specialized course for midwives (it can be funded by their infirmary of the regulations allow it) who wish to expand their knowledge and skills and be able to be employed as a lactation educator giving specialized care to the woman and her child during the preparation, the beginning and the process of breastfeeding. Our course prepares the midwife to organize lactation care at the hospital department on I, II and III referential level. As in the New Perinatal Care Standard: a person taking care of the mother in postnatal period should be able to:  asses the technique of breastfeeding and the process of lactation, correct the irregularities, educate about the mother and child’s nutrition, prevent and solve basic problems with lactation.

This course is especially recommended to the visiting midwife. In the New Perinatal Care Standard: the visiting midwife 1) encourages the mother to feed the newborn naturally, gives the instruction and correct the irregularities occurring in breastfeeding process, asses the natural breastfeeding course and risk of the failure factors, also helps with solving the problems related to lactation; 7) provides the health education with special regard to: the nutrition for breastfeeding mother, the benefits of breastfeeding, solving and preventing problems related to lactation (XIV.10).

The course provides a detailed lactation knowledge and teaches in practice how to give a proper support to women in perinatal period and during subsequent lactation stages.