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Breastfeeding – the Perinatal Care Standard

12h extracurricular course intended for medical departments which engage in deploying the New Perinatal Care Standard and midwives, nurses and doctors who take care of the women during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period and are willing to adjust their manner of work to the new requirements.

According to the New Perinatal Care Standard doctors and midwives are required to take broad lactation care of women: educate about breastfeeding, initiate the beginning of the lactation, give instructions and solve problems occurring during lactation.

The course teaches how to execute the new standards in practice; its program consists of:

After the course the participants will:

Breastfeeding and feeding with mother’s milk the premature infants and sick children – the standard of care in hospitals on III referential level

12h extracurricular course intended for medical staff of III referential level hospitals and intensive infant care department which want to give a modern care to the mother and child favoring to early lactation stimulation directed to feeding the infants with mother’s milk.

The partner of this project is The Bank of Women’s Milk Foundation.

The program of the course includes:

Breastfeeding in hospital’s practice

Short, 6h in one day course, easy to organize for medical staff. It is concerned with basic rules of behavior during the beginning and process of lactation for mothers in hospitals’ departments. It allows to comprehend the mechanisms of lactation and the psyche of a women in perinatal period. It teaches how to help patients with successful breastfeeding, so they can leave the hospital happy. It is a tool to motivate the medical staff to change the usual routines which disturb the physiological course of breastfeeding. It is just a beginning of changes in the organizing of perinatal care.