Centrum Nauki o Laktacji im. ANNY OSLISLO

Recruitment conditions

1. We accept participants who:

2. To avoid conflict of interest, the participants of our courses should not work in promoting and trading the early nutrition substances and in promoting or trading the substances harmful for health.

3. The recruitment process of possible participants is held based on written applications (the registration form is available on www.kobiety.med.pl/zapisy na kursy) until all the spots are filled. You need to provide your personal data, sign the declaration and the agreement for processing of personal data necessary for the course organization. Additionally, after qualifying for the course, the midwives and nurses register through the Monitoring of Education of Medical Employees System.

4. The process of accepting participants is held individually depending on the type of said course. The order of registration is decisive.

5. The Course coordinator informs the participants of available types of courses and the requirements for being accepted for every course. The course manager supervises the recruitment process.

6. The candidates share their personal data  voluntarily. They have right to check it and change it on the terms stated in the law. After receiving the candidate agreement, CNoL can use the personal data in organizing courses and to inform third parties about CnoL activity.

7. CNoL reserves the right to not accept people who:

8. The information concerning the courses is available for everyone. The form and people to whom the courses are directed are determined by The Regulations of Education.