Centrum Nauki o Laktacji im. ANNY OSLISLO

The Center for Lactation Science cordially invites doctors, nurses, obstetrix and everyone working in the field of lactation science for the XIV CNoL Congress joined with hybrid conference

Breastfeeding – more power!

The event took place on 11-12th June 2021 in hybrid form.
In person: in Sangate Hotel Airport,
17 stycznia Street 32, 02-148 Warsaw
Online: in chosen virtual space


The special guest of this year conference is professor Donna Geddes from The University of West Australia. She will present the results of years of research on the metabolic potential of women’s milk and answer a clinical question: is it possible to overfeed with human milk and what are the consequences?
Professor Geddes will hold her lecture on-line.

The esteemed guests of the conference:

Prof. dr hab. n. med. Hanna Szajewska will grace us with her presence and present the most recent guidelines for infant feeding and answer Your questions.

Prof. Barbara Królak-Olejnik will unveil the aspects of breastfeeding of women recovered or vaccinated to COVID-19 from the clinican’s point of view.

Dr hab. n. o zdr. Aleksandra Wesołowska will speak about Poland’s contribution in researching the potential of the milk of women infected with SARS CoV2.

Dr n. med. Agnieszka Krauze will face the common thoughts about cows’ milk allergy in naturally fed infants. Is it really allergy?

Dr n. med. Justyna Tołłoczko will explain if infants with neonatal jaundice can be breastfed.

Our colleague dr n. med. Monika Żukowska-Rubik will contemplate where is the problem with the upper lip frenulum.

Moreover, we will present the results of the newest research conducted by CNoL and young Polish scientists.

There will be practical workshops concerned with a myriad of subjects!

Prof. Donna Geddes

Prof. Hanna Szajewska, MD, PhD

Magdalena Nehring-Gugulska MD, PhD

Dorota Bębenek MD

Agnieszka Krauze MD, PhD

Prof. Barbara Królak-Olejnik, MD, PhD

Aleksandra Wesołowska PhD, HS

Justyna Tołłoczko MD, PhD

Monika Żukowska-Rubik MD, PhD

Elena Sinkiewicz-Darol MD, PhD

Iwona Adamczyk MSc

Nela Kameduła MSc

Katarzyna Łubiech DVM

Matylda Czosnykowska-Łukacka MD, PhD

Katarzyna Kowol-Trela MD, PhD

Joanna Kiełbasińska MSc

Joanna Frejus MA

Karolina Isio-Kurpińska MSc

Bożena Cieślak-Osik MSc

Estera Michalak MSc

Zuzanna Wesołowska MA


polskie towarzystwo konsultantów i doradców laktacyjnych
ginekologia położnictwo wum
warszawski uniwersytet medyczny


prof. Barbara Królak-Olejnik MD, PhD

prof. Ewa Dmoch-Gajzlerska MD, PhD

Magdalena Nehring-Gugulska MD, PhD

Dorota Bębenek MD

Agnieszka Muszyńska MSc

Magdalena Paszko OB

Agnieszka Pietkiewicz PhD, HS

Beata Sztyber PhD, HS

Monika Żukowska-Rubik MD, PhD




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polskie towarzystwo neonatologiczne